Lefferts Place Electric

In March 2011 we used 680 kWhs of electricity. That means we used the equivalent of 9.44 continuously lit 100 watt lightbulbs over the course of the month. Turn off the lights!

March 2011 Electric Use

March 2011 Month/Month
Electricity Consumed 680 kWhs -16.97% -11.46%

Electric Use History

The blue bars in the chart below show how my electric use changes through the seasons. The rolling 12 month average (in green) smooths out seasonal differences. It all comes down to this green line. When we use less electricity in a given month than we did for the same month the previous year, the green line falls.

Electric Use (kWhs): Monthly, Rolling 12 Month Average

Electric Use History

Month Ending Monthly Electric Use Rolling 12mo Avg. Use
Mar-2011 680 kWh 804 kWh
Feb-2011 819 kWh 811 kWh
Jan-2011 971 kWh 806 kWh
Dec-2010 902 kWh 801 kWh
Nov-2010 679 kWh 802 kWh
Oct-2010 610 kWh 810 kWh
Sep-2010 889 kWh 804 kWh
Aug-2010 1,689 kWh 783 kWh
Jul-2010 1,327 kWh 709 kWh
May-2010 537 kWh 699 kWh
Apr-2010 520 kWh 695 kWh
Mar-2010 768 kWh 697 kWh
Feb-2010 752 kWh 696 kWh